10.6.2. Deploy an Application with Maven


This task shows a method for deploying applications with Maven. The example provided uses the jboss-helloworld.war application found in the JBoss EAP 6 Quickstarts collection. The helloworld project contains a POM file which initializes the jboss-as-maven-plugin. This plug-in provides simple operations to deploy and undeploy applications to and from the application server.

Procedure 10.13. Deploy an application with Maven

  1. Open a terminal session and navigate to the directory containing the quickstart examples.

    Example 10.9. Change into the helloworld application directory

    [localhost]$ cd /QUICKSTART_HOME/helloworld
  2. Run the Maven deploy command to deploy the application. If the application is already running, it will be redeployed.
    [localhost]$ mvn package jboss-as:deploy
  3. View the results.
    • The deployment can be confirmed by viewing the operation logs in the terminal window.

      Example 10.10. Maven confirmation for helloworld application

      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] Total time: 32.629s
      [INFO] Finished at: Fri Mar 14 09:09:50 EDT 2014
      [INFO] Final Memory: 23M/204M
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • The deployment can also be confirmed in the status stream of the active application server instance.

      Example 10.11. Application server confirmation for helloworld application

      09:09:49,167 INFO  [org.jboss.as.repository] (management-handler-thread - 1) JBAS014900: Content added at location /home/username/EAP_HOME/standalone/data/content/32/4b4ef9a4bbe7206d3674a89807203a2092fc70/content
      09:09:49,175 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server.deployment] (MSC service thread 1-7) JBAS015876: Starting deployment of "jboss-helloworld.war" (runtime-name: "jboss-helloworld.war")
      09:09:49,563 INFO  [org.jboss.weld.deployer] (MSC service thread 1-8) JBAS016002: Processing weld deployment jboss-helloworld.war
      09:09:49,611 INFO  [org.jboss.weld.deployer] (MSC service thread 1-1) JBAS016005: Starting Services for CDI deployment: jboss-helloworld.war
      09:09:49,680 INFO  [org.jboss.weld.Version] (MSC service thread 1-1) WELD-000900 1.1.17 (redhat)
      09:09:49,705 INFO  [org.jboss.weld.deployer] (MSC service thread 1-2) JBAS016008: Starting weld service for deployment jboss-helloworld.war
      09:09:50,080 INFO  [org.jboss.web] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 55) JBAS018210: Register web context: /jboss-helloworld
      09:09:50,425 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server] (management-handler-thread - 1) JBAS018559: Deployed "jboss-helloworld.war" (runtime-name : "jboss-helloworld.war")

The application is deployed to the application server.