15.4. Cache Stores

A cache store is external storage for data in the cache. The external data store types most relevant to JBoss EAP 6 are file-based, JDBC-based, or the remote Infinispan/JDG store.
For file-based cache stores, each node in the cluster usually has its own file system and therefore its own file-based cache store. It is not advisable to put the file-based cache store on a shared filesystem (NFS etc.), as they do not implement proper file locking and can cause data corruption.
For JDBC-based cache stores it is possible to have a single SQL database serving as a cache store for all cluster nodes. However, the cache store must be configured as shared (set the shared attribute to true on the JDBC-based cache stores.). If the cache stores are not defined as shared, database deadlocks may occur, along with other problems which impact performance.