10.5.5. Reference for Deployment Scanner Marker Files

Marker files

Marker files are a part of the deployment scanner subsystem. These files mark the status of an application within the deployment directory of the standalone server instance. A marker file has the same name as the application, with the file suffix indicating the state of the application's deployment. The following table defines the types and responses for each marker file.

Example 10.8. Marker file example

The following example shows the marker file for a successfully deployed instance of an application called testapplication.war.

Table 10.1. Marker filetype definitions

Filename Suffix Origin Description
.dodeploy User generated Indicates that the content should be deployed or redeployed into the runtime.
.skipdeploy User generated Disables auto-deploy of an application while present. Useful as a method of temporarily blocking the auto-deployment of exploded content, preventing the risk of incomplete content edits pushing live. Can be used with zipped content, although the scanner detects in-progress changes to zipped content and waits until completion.
.isdeploying System generated Indicates the initiation of deployment. The marker file will be deleted when the deployment process completes.
.deployed System generated Indicates that the content has been deployed. The content will be undeployed if this file is deleted.
.failed System generated Indicates deployment failure. The marker file contains information about the cause of failure. If the marker file is deleted, the content will be visible to the auto-deployment again.
.isundeploying System generated Indicates a response to a .deployed file deletion. The content will be undeployed and the marker will be automatically deleted upon completion.
.undeployed System generated Indicates that the content has been undeployed. Deletion of the marker file has no impact to content redeployment.
.pending System generated Indicates that deployment instructions will be sent to the server pending resolution of a detected issue. This marker serves as a global deployment road-block. The scanner will not instruct the server to deploy or undeploy any other content while this condition exists.