19.6. Apache mod_jk

19.6.1. About the Apache mod_jk HTTP Connector

Apache mod_jk is a HTTP connector which is provided for customers who need it for compatibility purposes. It provides load balancing, and is a part of the jboss-eap-native-webserver-connectors that is contained in JBoss Web Container. For supported platforms, see https://access.redhat.com/site/articles/111663. The mod_jk connector is maintained by Apache, and its documentation is located at http://tomcat.apache.org/connectors-doc/.
JBoss EAP 6 can accept workloads from an Apache HTTP proxy server. The proxy server accepts client requests from the web front-end, and passes the work to participating JBoss EAP 6 servers. If sticky sessions are enabled, the same client request always goes to the same JBoss EAP 6 server, unless the server is unavailable.
Unlike the JBoss mod_cluster HTTP connector, an Apache mod_jk HTTP connector does not know the status of deployments on servers or server groups, and cannot adapt where it sends its work accordingly.
Just like mod_cluster, mod_jk communicates over the AJP 1.3 protocol.


mod_cluster is a more advanced load balancer than mod_jk. mod_cluster provides all of the functionality of mod_jk and additional features. For more information about mod_cluster, see Section 19.5.1, “About the mod_cluster HTTP Connector”.