3.8.4. About a Management Interface Audit Logging File Handler

A file handler specifies the parameters by which audit log records are output to a file. Specifically it defines the formatter, file name and path for the file.
The File Handler Audit Log Attributes table lists all the attributes which can be used to change the output of the log entries.

Table 3.7. File Handler Audit Log Attributes

Attribute Description Read Only
formatter The name of a JSON formatter to use to format the log records. False
path The path of the audit log file. False
relative-to The name of another previously named path, or of one of the standard paths provided by the system. If relative-to is provided, the value of the path attribute is treated as relative to the path specified by this attribute. False
failure-count The number of logging failures since the handler was initialized. True
max-failure-count The maximum number of logging failures before disabling this handler. False
disabled-due-to-failure Takes the value true if this handler was disabled due to logging failures. True