5.2.6. Configuration of Message Size in Remoting

The remoting subsystem provides the option to limit the size of the messages for remoting protocols. You can set the maximum inbound message size (MAX_INBOUND_MESSAGE_SIZE) and the maximum outbound message size (MAX_OUTBOUND_MESSAGE_SIZE) to ensure that messages are received and sent within appropriate size limits.
Configuring the size of messages in remoting protocols helps in effective utilization of system memory and prevents it from reaching an out of memory state while performing important operations.
If the sender sends a message which exceeds the maximum allowable limit (MAX_OUTBOUND_MESSAGE_SIZE), the server throws an exception and cancels the transmission of data. However the connection remains open and the sender can choose to close the message if needed.
If a message received exceeds the maximum allowable limit (MAX_INBOUND_MESSAGE_SIZE) the message is closed asynchronously with the connection still open.