14.3.8. Configure a syslog-handler

The logmanager for JBoss EAP 6 now contains a syslog-handler. Syslog-handlers can be used to send messages to a remote logging server that supports the Syslog protocol (RFC-3164 or RFC-5424). This allows multiple applications to send their log messages to the same server, where they can all be parsed together. This topic covers how to create and configure a handler using the Management CLI, and the available configuration options.
  • Access and the correct permissions for the Management CLI.

Procedure 14.1. Add a syslog-handler

  • Run the following command to add a syslog-handler:

Procedure 14.2. Configure a syslog-handler

  • Run the following command to configure a syslog-handler attribute:

Procedure 14.3. Remove a syslog-handler

  • Run the following command to remove an existing syslog-handler:

Table 14.6. syslog-handler Configuration Attributes

Attribute Description Default Value
port The port the syslog server listens to. 514
app-name The app name used when formatting the message in RFC5424 format. null
enabled If set to true the handler is enabled and functioning as normal. If set to false, the handler is ignored when processing log messages. true
level The log level specifying which message levels will be logged. Message levels lower than this will be discarded. ALL
facility As defined by RFC-5424 and RFC-3164 user-level
server-address The address of the syslog server localhost
hostname The name of the host the messages are being sent from. null
syslog-format Formats the log message according to the RFC specification RFC5424