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5.78. gdb

Updated gdb packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The GNU Debugger (GDB) is the standard debugger for Linux. With GDB, users can debug programs written in C, C++, and other languages by executing them in a controlled fashion and printing out their data.

Bug Fixes

To load a core file, GDB requires the binaries that were used to produce the core file. GDB uses a built-in detection to load the matching binaries automatically. However, you can specify arbitrary binaries manually and override the detection. Previously, loading other binaries that did not match the invoked core file could cause GDB to terminate unexpectedly. With this update, the underlying code has been modified and GDB no longer crashes under these circumstances.
Previously, GDB could terminate unexpectedly when loading symbols for a C++ program compiled with early GCC compilers due to errors in the cp_scan_for_anonymous_namespaces() function. With this update, an upstream patch that fixes this bug has been adopted and GDB now loads any known executables without crashing.
If GDB failed to find the associated debuginfo rpm symbol files, GDB displayed the following message suggesting installation of the symbol files using the yum utility:
Missing separate debuginfo for the main executable file Try: yum --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo='*-debuginfo' install /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/47/830504b69d8312361b1ed465ba86c9e815b800
However, the suggested "--enablerepo='*-debuginfo'" option failed to work with RHN (Red Hat Network) debug repositories. This update corrects the option in the message to "--enablerepo='*-debug*'" and the suggested command works as expected.
On PowerPC platforms, DWARF information created by the IBM XL Fortran compiler does not contain the DW_AT_type attribute for DW_TAG_subrange_type; however, DW_TAG_subrange_type in the DWARF information generated by GCC always contains the DW_AT_type attribute. Previously, GDB could interpret arrays from IBM XL Fortran compiler incorrectly as it was missing the DW_AT_type attribute, even though this is in accordance with the DWARF standard. This updated GDB now correctly provides a stub index type if DW_AT_type is missing for any DW_TAG_subrange_type, and processes debug info from both IBM XL Fortran and GCC compilers correctly.
All users of gdb are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.