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4.10. RHEA-2012:1576 — new packages: kmod-pch_gbe

New kmod-pch_gbe packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The kmod-pch_gbe packages provide kernel modules for controlling Ethernet adapter in Intel EG20T Platform Controller Hub and OKI Semiconductor ML7223 Input/Output Hub.
The kmod-pch_gbe packages provide temporary drivers for the following hardware beyond what was delivered in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3:
* Intel EG20T PCH / OKI Semiconductor ML7223 IOH Gigabit Ethernet
This enhancement update adds the kmod-pch_gbe packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Driver Update Program (DUP). (BZ#878375)
Only users requiring temporary driver support for the specific hardware noted above should install these packages. Unless a system includes the exact hardware explicitly supported by kmod-pch_gbe packages, these packages must not be installed.