5.226. pacemaker

Updated pacemaker packages that fix several bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Pacemaker is a high-availability cluster resource manager with a powerful policy engine.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the "port" parameter was declared as required in the fencing agent metadata. Some devices, however, determine the correct port automatically and therefore do not need it specified in their configuration. As a consequence, updating configurations that didn't contain the "port" parameter failed with the following error message:
ERROR: apc-fencing: required parameter port not defined
This update modifies the fencing agent metadata so that "port" is not declared as a required configuration option. As a result, updating configurations in which the "port" parameter is not specified succeeds.
Previously, the "start" and "stop" actions were not declared in the fencing agent metadata. As a consequence, the following warning messages were displayed when configuring fencing devices:
WARNING: apc-fencing: action start not advertised in meta-data, it may not be supported by the RA
WARNING: apc-fencing: action stop not advertised in meta-data, it may not be supported by the RA
This update adds the "start" and "stop" actions to all fencing agent metadata. As a result, configuring fencing devices no longer displays the aforementioned warning messages.
Due to an error in the underlying source code, operation failure records were not removed together with removed resources. Consequently, resources re-defined after previous deletion were associated with the previous failure records. This update modifies the underlying source code so that failure records are removed together with removed resources. As a consequence, previously deleted resources are not associated with any failure records after being re-defined.
Previously, the logic for determining whether a resource is active was incorrect. Consequently, active resources on nodes in the "UNCLEAN" state were ignored by tools that relied on this logic. This update fixes the logic. As a result, tools relying on this logic report active resources on nodes in the "UNCLEAN" state as active.
Previously, descriptions of the -v and -V options of the crm_report command were swapped in text of its manual pages. Consequently, some users were mislead by unexpected behavior when using these options. This update corrects the text of the manual pages so that they reflect the actual behavior of the crm_report command.


Pacemaker now uses the libqb library for logging. This provides less verbose logs while still providing the ability to debug and support Pacemaker.
All users of Pacemaker are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.