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4.21. RHEA-2012:0786 — new packages: kmod-hpsa

New kmod-hpsa packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The kmod-hpsa packages provide kernel modules for controlling HP Smart Array Controllers.
The kmod-hpsa packages provide temporary drivers for the following hardware beyond what was delivered in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3:
  • HP Smart Array Controllers
This enhancement update adds the kmod-hpsa packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Driver Update Program (DUP).
Only users requiring temporary driver support for the specific hardware noted above should install these packages. Unless a system includes the exact hardware explicitly supported by the kmod-hpsa packages, these packages must not be installed.
Note that before installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 with the hpsa Driver Update Disk (DUD), you are advised to use the "pci=nomsi" kernel parameter to work around the hpsa driver load/unload issue described in BZ#904945. Once the installation is complete, this kernel parameter is no longer needed.