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5.181. mailman

Updated mailman packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Mailman is a program used to help manage e-mail discussion lists.

Bug Fixes

The script contained a typo, which could cause the mailman utility to fail with a traceback. The typo has been corrected, and mailman now works as expected.
The "urlhost" argument was not handled in the newlist script. When running the "newlist" command with the "--urlhost" argument specified, the contents of the index archive page was not created using proper URLs; the hostname was used instead. With this update, "urlhost" is now handled in the newlist script. If the "--urlhost" argument is specified on the command line, the host URL is used when creating the index archive page instead of the hostname.
Previously, long lines in e-mails were not wrapped in the web archive, sometimes requiring excessive horizontal scrolling. The "white-space: pre-wrap;" CSS style has been added to all templates, so that long lines are now wrapped in browsers that support that style.
The "From" string in the e-mail body was not escaped properly. A message containing the "From" string at the beginning of a line was split and displayed in the web archive as two or more messages. The "From" string is now correctly escaped, and messages are no longer split in the described scenario.
All users of mailman are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.