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5.101. gvfs

Updated gvfs packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
GVFS is the GNOME desktop's virtual file system layer, which allows users to easily access local and remote data, including via the FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, CIFS and SMB protocols, among others. GVFS integrates with the GIO (GNOME I/O) abstraction layer.

Bug Fixes

Previously, rules for ignoring mounts were too restrictive. If the user clicked on an encrypted volume in the Nautilus' sidebar, an error message was displayed and the volume could not be accessed. The underlying source code now contains additional checks so that encrypted volumes have proper mounts associated (if available), and the file system can be browsed as expected.
Due to a bug in the kernel, a freshly formatted Blu-ray Disk Rewritable (BD-RE) medium contains a single track with invalid data that covers the whole medium. This empty track was previously incorrectly detected, causing the drive to be unusable for certain applications, such as Brasero. This update adds a workaround to detect the empty track, so that freshly formatted BD-RE media are properly recognized as blank.
BZ#682799, BZ#746977, BZ#746978, BZ#749369, BZ#749371, BZ#749372
The code of the gvfs-info, gvfs-open, gvfs-cat, gvfs-ls and gvfs-mount utilities contained hard-coded exit codes. This caused the utilities to always return zero on exit. The exit codes have been revised so that the mentioned gvfs utilities now return proper exit codes.
When running gvfs-set-attribute with an invalid command-line argument specified, the utility terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault. The underlying source code has been modified so that the utility now prints a proper error message when an invalid argument is specified.
Due to missing object cleanup calls, the gvfsd daemon could use excessive amount of memory, which caused the system to become unresponsive. Proper object cleanup calls have been added with this update, which ensures that the memory consumption is constant and the system does not hang in this scenario.
All users of gvfs are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.