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5.321. system-config-kdump

Updated system-config-kdump packages that fix multiple bugs and add three enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The system-config-kdump packages provide a graphical tool to configure kernel crash dumping via kdump and kexec.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the system-config-kdump tool did not handle the kexec service status correctly. As a consequence, the system-config-kdump service could fail at start. This update synchronizes the system-config-kdump and kdump service activation. Now, the service is started, stopped or restarted as expected.
Previously, the system-config-kdump tool used synchronous dbus commands. This update uses asynchronous dbus commands. Now, the system-config-kdump tool waits for the processes running in the background.
Previously, system-config-kdump used a file-chooser button as well as input via a text box to specify a path for kdump, which could cause confusion. This update uses only text box input and also informs the user of the location of the copied kdump.
Previously, The "About" dialog used an incorrect version number. This update modifies the dialog so that the right version number is now displayed.
Previously, not all strings in the POT file were marked for localization. As a consequence, several dialogs could not be translated. This update marks the missing strings in source files to make the POT file complete. .
Previously, a dialog box with the error message "Core collector must begin with makedumpfile multiplied and could not be closed" if the kdump.conf file contained the "core_collector cp" command. This update modifies the underlying code so that the dialog box is shown only once.
Previously, several system-config-kdump messages contained misprints. This update modifies the strings and all messages are now correct.
Previously, the system-config-kdump tool was not constructed to accept more than one value. As a consequence, the extended crashkernel syntax was not handled correctly. This update modifies the underlying code so that system-config-kdump can now read the extended syntax, but always writes in basic syntax.
Previously, the system-config-kdump tool wrongly showed an error message when values from the /proc/iomem file could not be read on 64-bit PowerPC platforms. With this update, only an informational message is shown.
Previously, the system-config-kdump tool used the wrong format to save the target type nfs. With this update, the nfs network target is saved correctly.
Previously, the system-config-kdump tool failed to configure zipl on IBM S/390 systems.This update modifies the zipl helper script so that all configurations are now correctly updated.
Previously, the error message "module" object has no attribute "show_call_call_error_message" contained a misprint. This update removes the second "call".
Previously, the system-config-kdump utility contained various locales that were not completely translated. This update adds the missing translations for supported languages.


Previously, the system-config-kdump tool did not display messages about dbus errors. This update adds meaningful dbus error messages.
Previously, the system-config-kdump tool did not support IBM S/390 hardware. This update modifies the installer so that IBM S/390 hardware is now enabled.
The threshold for allowing auto configuration of kernel dumping was changed to 2 GB. With this update, system-config-kdump reflects this change.
All users of system-config-kdump are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.