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5.24. chkconfig

Updated chkconfig packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The basic system utility chkconfig updates and queries runlevel information for system services.

Bug Fixes

When installing multiple Linux Standard Base (LSB) services which only had LSB headers, the stop priority of the related LSB init scripts could have been miscalculated and set to "-1". With this update, the LSB init script ordering mechanism has been fixed, and the stop priority of the LSB init scripts is now set correctly.
When an LSB init script requiring the "$local_fs" facility was installed with the "install_initd" command, the installation of the script could fail under certain circumstances. With this update, the underlying code has been modified to ignore this requirement because the "$local_fs" facility is always implicitly provided. LSB init scripts with requirements on "$local_fs" are now installed correctly.
If an LSB init script contained "Required-Start" dependencies, but the LSB service installed was not configured to start in any runlevel, the dependencies could have been applied incorrectly. Consequently, the installation of the LSB service failed silently. With this update, chkconfig no longer strictly enforces "Required-Start" dependencies for installation if the service is not configured to start in any runlevel. LSB services are now installed as expected in this scenario.
Previously, chkconfig did not handle dependencies between LSB init scripts correctly. Therefore, if an LSB service was enabled, LSB services that were depending on it could have been set up incorrectly. With this update, chkconfig has been modified to determine dependencies properly, and dependent LSB services are now set up as expected in this scenario.
All users of chkconfig are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.