5.9. augeas

Updated augeas packages that fix three bugs and add two enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Augeas is a configuration editing tool. Augeas parses configuration files in their native formats and transforms them into a tree. Configuration changes are made by manipulating this tree and saving it back into native configuration files.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the "--autosave" option did not work correctly when using Augeas in batch mode, which caused that configuration changes were not saved. As a consequence, configuration changes could be saved only in interactive mode. This update ensures that the "--autosave" option functions in batch mode as expected.
Prior to this update, when parsing GRUB configuration files, Augeas did not parse the "--encrypted" option of the "password" command correctly. Instead, it parsed the "--encrypted" part as the password, and the password hash as a second "menu.lst" filename. This update ensures that the "--encrypted" option of the password command is parsed correctly when parsing GRUB configuration files.
Previously, Augeas was not able to parse the /etc/fstab file containing mount options with an equals sign but no value. This update fixes the fstab lens so that it can handle such mount options. As a result, Augeas can now parse an /etc/fstab file containing mount options with an equals sign but no value correctly.


Previously, the finite-automata-DOT graph tool (fadot) did not support the -h option. Consequently, when fadot was launched with the -h option the "Unknown option" message was displayed. This update adds support for the -h option and ensures that a help message is displayed when fadot is launched with the option.
Previously, Augeas did not have a lens to parse the /etc/mdadm.conf file. Consequently, the tool for conversion of physical servers to virtual guests, Virt-P2V, could not convert physical hosts on MD devices. This update adds a new lens to parse the /etc/mdadm.conf file, enabling Virt-P2V to convert physical hosts on MD devices as expected.
All users of Augeas are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.