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5.31. control-center

Updated control-center packages that fix one bug and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The control-center packages contain various configuration utilities for the GNOME desktop. These utilities allow the user to configure accessibility options, desktop fonts, keyboard and mouse properties, sound setup, desktop theme and background, user interface properties, screen resolution, and other settings.

Bug Fix

Previous versions of the control-center package contained gnome-at-mobility, a script that requires a software component that is not distributed with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 nor is present in any of the available channels. With this update, the non-functional gnome-at-mobility script has been removed and is no longer distributed as part of the control-center package.


The background configuration tool now uses the XDG Base Directory Specification to determine where to store its data file. By default, this file is located at ~/.config/gnome-control-center/backgrounds.xml. Users can change the ~/.config/ prefix by setting the XDG_DATA_HOME environment variable, or set the GNOMECC_USE_OLD_BG_PATH environment variable to 1 to restore the old behavior and use the ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml file.
The control-center-extra package now includes a GNOME Control Center shell. This shell provides a user interface for launching the various Control Center utilities.
BZ#769465, BZ#801363
The GNOME Control Center now provides a configuration utility for Wacom graphics tablets, which replaces the wacompl utility.
All users of control-center are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix this bug and add these enhancements.