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5.118. iscsi-initiator-utils

Updated iscsi-initiator-utils packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The iscsi-initiator-utils package provides the server daemon for the iSCSI protocol, as well as utilities used to manage the daemon. iSCSI is a protocol for distributed disk access using SCSI commands sent over Internet Protocol networks.
The iscsiuio tool has been upgraded to upstream version, which provides a number of bug fixes and one enhancement over the previous version. (BZ#740054)

Bug Fixes

The iscsistart utility used hard-coded values as its settings. Consequently, it could take several minutes before change failure detection and path failover when using dm-multipath took place. With this update, the iscsistart utility has been modified to process settings provided on the command line.
The iSCSI README file incorrectly listed the --info option as the option to display iscsiadm iSCSI information. The README has been corrected and it now states correctly that you need to use the "-P 1" argument to obtain such information.
The iSCSI discovery process via a TOE (TCP Offload Engine) interface failed if the "iscsiadm -m iface" command had not been executed. This happened because the "iscsiadm -m" discovery command did not check interface settings. With this update, the iscsiadm tool creates the default ifaces settings when first used and the problem no longer occurs.
If the port number was passed with a non-fully-qualified hostname to the iscsiadm tool, the tool created records with the port being part of the hostname. Consequently, the login or discovery operation failed because iscsiadm was not able to find the record. With this update, the iscsiadm portal parser has been modified to separate the port from the hostname. As a result, the port is parsed and processed correctly.


The iscsidm tool has been updated to support the ping command using QLogic's iSCSI offload cards and to manage the CHAP (Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol) entries on the host.
All users of iscsi-initiator-utils are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.