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9.4.6. Reference for Deployment Scanner Attributes

The deployment scanner contains the following attributes that are exposed to the Management CLI and able to be configured using the write-attribute operation. For more information on configuration options, refer to the topic Section 9.4.8, “Configure the Deployment Scanner with the Management CLI”.

Table 9.2. Deployment Scanner Attributes

Name Description Type default Value
auto-deploy-exploded Allows the automatic deployment of exploded content without requiring a .dodeploy marker file. Recommended for only basic development scenarios to prevent exploded application deployment from occurring during changes by the developer or operating system. Boolean False
auto-deploy-xml Allows the automatic deployment of XML content without requiring a .dodeploy marker file. Boolean True
auto-deploy-zipped Allows the automatic deployment of zipped content without requiring a .dodeploy marker file. Boolean True
deployment-timeout The time value in seconds for the deployment scanner to allow a deployment attempt before being cancelled. Long 60
path Defines the actual filesystem path to be scanned. If the relative-to attribute is specified, the path value acts as a relative addition to that directory or path. String Deployments
relative-to Reference to a filesystem path defined in the paths section of the server configuration XML file. String jboss.server.base.dir
scan-enabled Allows the automatic scanning for applications by scan-interval and at startup. Boolean True
scan-interval The time interval in milliseconds between scans of the repository. A value of less than 1 restricts the scanner to operate only at startup. Int 5000