8.4. Install a Global Valve

Global valves must be packaged and installed as static modules in JBoss EAP 6. This task shows how to install the module.


  • The valve must already be created and packaged in a JAR file.
  • A module.xml file must already be created for the module.
    Refer to Section 7.1.1, “Modules” for an example of module.xml file.

Procedure 8.1. Install a Global Module

  1. Create module installation directory

    A directory for the module to be installed in must be created in the modules directory of the application server.
    $ mkdir -P /usr/share/jboss/modules/system/layers/base/MyValveModule/main
  2. Copy files

    Copy the JAR and module.xml files to the directory created in step 1.
    $ cp MyValves.jar modules.xml /usr/share/jboss/modules/system/layers/base/MyValveModule/main
The valve classes declared in the module are now available to be configured in the web subsystem.