3.6.2. Display the Active User in the Management CLI


The whoami operation is a global operation used to identify the attributes of the current active user. The operation exposes the identity of the username and the realm that they are assigned to. The whoami operation is useful for administrators managing multiple users accounts across multiple realms, or to assist in keeping track of active users across domain instances with multiple terminal session and users accounts.

Procedure 3.15. Display the Active User in the Management CLI Using the whoami Operation

  • Run the whoami operation

    From the Management CLI, use the whoami operation to display the active user account.
    [standalone@localhost:9999 /] :whoami
    The following example uses the whoami operation in a standalone server instance to show that the active user is username, and that the user is assigned to the ManagementRealm realm.

    Example 3.8. Use the whoami in a standalone instance

    [standalone@localhost:9999 /]:whoami
        "outcome" => "success",
        "result" => {"identity" => {
            "username" => "username",
            "realm" => "ManagementRealm"

Your current active user account is displayed.