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19.9.5. CMP Subsystem Properties for HiLo Key Generators

Table 19.1. CMP Subsystem Properties for HiLo Key Generators

Property Data type Description
block-size long
create-table boolean
If set to TRUE, a table called table-name will be created using the contents of create-table-ddl if that table is not found.
create-table-ddl string
The DDL commands used to create the table specified in table-name if the table is not found and create-table is set to TRUE.
data-source token
The data source used to connect to the database.
drop-table boolean
id-column token
select-hi-ddl string The SQL command which will return the largest key currently stored.
sequence-column token
sequence-name token
table-name token
The name of the table used to store the key information.