6.3.2. Modify a Non-XA Datasource with the Management Interfaces


This topic covers the steps required to modify a non-XA datasource, using either the Management Console or the Management CLI.


Non-XA datasources can be integrated with JTA transactions. To integrate the datasource with JTA, ensure that the jta parameter is set to true.

Procedure 6.5. Modify a Non-XA Datasource

    • Management CLI

      1. Use the write-attribute command to configure a datasource attribute:
      2. Reload the server to confirm the changes:
    • Management Console

      1. Navigate to the Datasources panel in the Management Console

          • Standalone Mode

            Select the Profile tab from the top-right of the console.
          • Domain Mode

            1. Select the Profiles tab from the top-right of the console.
            2. Select the appropriate profile from the drop-down box in the top left.
            3. Expand the Subsystems menu on the left of the console.
        1. Select ConnectorDatasources from the menu on the left of the console.
        Datasources panel

        Figure 6.2. Datasources panel

      2. Edit the datasource

        1. Select the relevant datasource from the Available Datasources list. The datasource attributes are displayed in the Attributes panel below it.
        2. Select the Edit button to edit the datasource attributes.
        3. Edit the datasource attributes and select the Save button when done.

The non-XA datasource has been configured. The changes are now visible in either the standalone.xml or domain.xml file, as well as the management interfaces.