3.5.7. CLI Batch Mode Commands

This table provides a list of valid batch commands that can be used in the JBoss EAP 6 CLI. These commands can only be used to work with batches.

Table 3.2. CLI Batch Mode Commands

Command Name Description
list-batch List of the commands and operations in the current batch.
edit-batch-line line-number edited-command Edit a line in the current batch by providing the line number to edit and the edited command. Example: edit-batch-line 2 data-source disable --name=ExampleDS.
move-batch-line fromline toline Re-order the lines in the batch by specifying the line number you want to move as the first argument and its new position as the second argument. Example: move-batch-line 3 1.
remove-batch-line linenumber Remove the batch command at the specified line. Example: remove-batch-line 3.
holdback-batch [batchname]
You can postpone or store a current batch by using this command. Use this if you want to suddenly execute something in the CLI outside the batch. To return to this heldback batch, simply type batch again at the CLI command line.
If you provide a batchname while using holdback-batch command the batch will be stored under that name. To return to the named batch, use the command batch batchname. Calling the batch command without a batchname will start a new (unnamed) batch. There can be only one unnamed heldback batch.
To see a list of all heldback batches, use the batch -l command.
discard-batch Dicards the currently active batch.