3.4.8. Create a New Server Group in the Management Console

Procedure 3.7. Configure and Add a new Server Group

  1. Navigate to the Server Groups view

    Select the Hosts tab in the top-right corner.
  2. Select the Group Configurations tab under the Server Groups menu in the left hand column.
    The Server Groups view

    Figure 3.8. The Server Groups view

  3. Add a server group

    Click the Add button to add a new server group.
  4. Configure the server group

    1. Enter a name for the server group.
    2. Select the profile you want to add the server group to.
    3. Select the socket binding you want to add the server group to.
    4. Select the Save button to save your new group.
    The Create Server Group dialog

    Figure 3.9. The Create Server Group dialog


The new server group is visible in the Management Console.