3.4.7. Change the Default Log Levels Using the Management Console

Procedure 3.6. Edit the Logging Levels

  1. Navigate to the Logging panel in the Management Console

    1. If you are working with a managed domain, select the Profiles tab from the top-right of the console, then select the relevant profile from the drop-down list on the left of the console.
    2. For either a managed domain or a standalone server, select the CoreLogging option from the menu on the left of the console.
    3. Click on the Log Categories tab in the top of the console.
    Logging panel

    Figure 3.7. Logging panel

  2. Edit logger details

    Edit the details for any of the entries in the Log Categories table.
    1. Select an entry in the Log Categories table, then select the Edit button in the Details section below.
    2. Set the log level for the category with the Log Level drop-down box. Select the Save button when done.

The log levels for the relevant categories are now updated.