6.2.2. Install a JDBC Driver as a Core Module


Before performing this task, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

Procedure 6.2. Install a JDBC Driver as a Core Module

  1. Create a file path structure under the EAP_HOME/modules/ directory. For example, for a MySQL JDBC driver, create a directory structure as follows: EAP_HOME/modules/com/mysql/main/.
  2. Copy the JDBC driver JAR into the main/ subdirectory.
  3. In the main/ subdirectory, create a module.xml file similar to the example in Section 7.1.1, “Modules”. The module XSD is defined in the EAP_HOME/docs/schema/module-1_2.xsd file.
  4. Start the Server.
  5. Start the Management CLI.
  6. Run the following CLI command to add the JDBC driver module as a driver:

    Example 6.1. Example CLI Command


The JDBC driver is now installed and set up as a core module, and is available to be referenced by application datasources.