1.3. Features of JBoss EAP 6

Table 1.1. 6.1.0 Features

Feature Description
Java Certification Certified implementation of the Java Enterprise Edition 6 Full Profile and Web Profile specifications.
Managed Domain
  • Centralized management of multiple server instances and physical hosts, while a Standalone Server allows for a single server instance.
  • Configurations, deployments, socket bindings, modules, extensions, and system properties are managed per server group.
  • Application security, including security domains, are managed centrally for simplified configuration.
Management Console and Management CLI New interfaces are provided to manage the domain or standalone server. Manual editing of XML configuration files is no longer required. The Management CLI also offers batch mode that can script and automate management tasks.
Simplified directory layout The modules/ directory now contains the application server modules, instead of using common and server-specific lib/directories. The domain/ and standalone/ directories contain the artifacts and configuration files for domain and standalone deployments.
Modular classloading mechanism Modules are loaded and unloaded on demand to provide performance and security benefits and a faster start-up and restart time.
Streamlined Data source management Database drivers are deployed just like other services. In addition, datasources are created and managed directly in the Management Console or Management CLI.
Faster start and stop time JBoss EAP 6 uses fewer resources and is extremely efficient in its use of system resources. This is especially beneficial for developers.