10.5. Enable Deep Copy Subject Mode

You can enable deep copy security mode from the web-based management console or the management CLI.

Procedure 10.1. Enable Deep Copy Security Mode from the Management Console

  1. Log into the Management Console.

    The management console is usually available at a URL such as Adjust this value to suit your needs.
  2. Managed Domain: Select the appropriate profile.

    In a managed domain, the security subsystem is configured per profile, and you can enable or disable the deep copy security mode in each, independently.
    To select a profile, click the Profiles label at the top right of the console display, and then select the profile you wish to change from the Profile selection box at the top left.
  3. Open the Security Subsystem configuration menu.

    Expand the Security menu item at the right of the management console, then click the Security Subsystem link.
  4. Modify the deep-copy-subject-mode value.

    Click the Edit button. Check the box beside Deep Copy Subjects: to enable deep copy subject mode.
Enable Deep Copy Subject Mode Using the Management CLI

If you prefer to use the management CLI to enable this option, use one of the following commands.

Example 10.2. Managed Domain


Example 10.3. Standalone Server