17.6.6. Configure Message Expiry Addresses


Message expiry addresses are defined in the address-setting configuration of the Java Messaging Service (JMS). For example:

<!-- expired messages in exampleQueue will be sent to the expiry address expiryQueue -->
<address-setting match="jms.queue.exampleQueue">
If messages are expired and no expiry address is specified, messages are simply removed from the queue and dropped. Address wildcards can also be used to configure specific ranges of an expiry address for a set of addresses.
Address Wildcards

Address wildcards can be used to match multiple similar addresses with a single statement, similar to how many systems use the asterisk (*) character to match multiple files or strings with a single search. The following characters have special significance in a wildcard statement.

Table 17.4. JMS Wildcard Syntax

Character Description
. (a single period) Denotes the space between words in a wildcard expression.
# (a pound or hash symbol) Matches any sequence of zero or more words.
* (an asterisk) Matches a single word.

Table 17.5. JMS Wildcard Examples

Example Description
Matches news.europe, news.europe.sport, news.europe.politic, but not news.usa or europe.
Matches news.europe but not news.europe.sport.
Matches news.europe.sport and news.usa.sport, but not news.europe.politics.