21.2. Deploying JBoss EAP 6 on Amazon EC2

21.2.1. Overview of Deploying JBoss EAP 6 on Amazon EC2

JBoss EAP 6 can be deployed using the Amazon EC2 AMI. The AMI contains everything that is required for deployment of clustered and non-clustered instances.
Deploying a non-clustered instances is the easiest scenario. It requires only that you make a few configuration changes to specify your application deployment when creating the instance.
Deploying clustered instances is more complicated. In addition to your clustered instances you are required to deploy a JBoss EAP 6 instance to act as a mod_cluster proxy and an S3 bucket for the S3_PING JGroups discovery protocol. Red Hat also recommends the creation of a Virtual Private Cloud to contain your cluster.
Each of these steps is detailed below but it is assumed that you have some experience with JBoss EAP 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Amazon EC2.
The following documentation is recommended additional reference: