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3.5.2. Disabling ACPI Soft-Off with chkconfig Management

You can use chkconfig management to disable ACPI Soft-Off either by removing the ACPI daemon (acpid) from chkconfig management or by turning off acpid.


This is the preferred method of disabling ACPI Soft-Off.
Disable ACPI Soft-Off with chkconfig management at each cluster node as follows:
  1. Run either of the following commands:
    • chkconfig --del acpid — This command removes acpid from chkconfig management.
      — OR —
    • chkconfig --level 345 acpid off — This command turns off acpid.
  2. Reboot the node.
  3. When the cluster is configured and running, verify that the node turns off immediately when fenced.


    You can fence the node with the fence_node command or Conga.