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4.5.6. Logging Configuration

Clicking on the Logging tab displays the Logging Configuration page, which provides an interface for configuring logging settings.
You can configure the following settings for global logging configuration:
  • Checking Log Debugging Messages enables debugging messages in the log file.
  • Checking Log Messages to Syslog enables messages to syslog. You can select the Syslog Message Facility and the Syslog Message Priority. The Syslog Message Priority setting indicates that messages at the selected level and higher are sent to syslog.
  • Checking Log Messages to Log File enables messages to the log file. You can specify the Log File Path name. The logfile message priority setting indicates that messages at the selected level and higher are written to the log file.
You can override the global logging settings for specific daemons by selecting one of the daemons listed beneath the Daemon-specific Logging Overrides heading at the bottom of the Logging Configuration page. After selecting the daemon, you can check whether to log the debugging messages for that particular daemon. You can also specify the syslog and log file settings for that daemon.
Click Apply for the logging configuration changes you have specified to take effect.