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12.5. Samba Configuration

The Samba configuration file smb.conf is located at /etc/samba/smb.conf in this example. It contains the following parameters:
	guest ok = yes
	clustering = yes
	netbios name = csmb-server
	comment = Clustered Samba
 	public = yes
	path = /mnt/gfs2/share
	writeable = yes
	ea support = yes
This example exports a share with name csmb located at /mnt/gfs2/share. This is different from the GFS2 shared filesystem at /mnt/ctdb/.ctdb.lock that we specified as the CTDB_RECOVERY_LOCK parameter in the CTDB configuration file at /etc/sysconfig/ctdb.
In this example, we will create the share directory in /mnt/gfs2 when we mount it for the first time. The clustering = yes entry instructs Samba to use CTDB. The netbios name = csmb-server entry explicitly sets all the nodes to have a common NetBIOS name. The ea support parameter is required if you plan to use extended attributes.
The smb.conf configuration file must be identical on all of the cluster nodes.
Samba also offers registry-based configuration using the net conf command to automatically keep configuration in sync between cluster members without having to manually copy configuration files among the cluster nodes. For information on the net conf command, see the net(8) man page.