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4.5. Global Cluster Properties

When you select a cluster to configure, a cluster-specific page is displayed. The page provides an interface for configuring cluster-wide properties. You can configure cluster-wide properties by clicking on Configure along the top of the cluster display. This yields a tabbed interface which provides the following tabs: General, Fence Daemon, Network, Redundant Ring, QDisk and Logging. To configure the parameters in those tabs, follow the steps in the following sections. If you do not need to configure parameters in a tab, skip the section for that tab.

4.5.1. Configuring General Properties

Clicking on the General tab displays the General Properties page, which provides an interface for modifying the configuration version.
  • The Cluster Name text box displays the cluster name; it does not accept a cluster name change. The only way to change the name of a cluster is to create a new cluster configuration with the new name.
  • The Configuration Version value is set to 1 at the time of cluster creation and is automatically incremented each time you modify your cluster configuration. However, if you need to set it to another value, you can specify it at the Configuration Version text box.
If you have changed the Configuration Version value, click Apply for this change to take effect.