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6.9. Configuring Global Cluster Resources

You can configure two types of resources:
  • Global — Resources that are available to any service in the cluster.
  • Service-specific — Resources that are available to only one service.
To see a list of currently configured resources and services in the cluster, execute the following command:
ccs -h host --lsservices
To add a global cluster resource, execute the following command. You can add a resource that is local to a particular service when you configure the service, as described in Section 6.10, “Adding a Cluster Service to the Cluster”.
ccs -h host --addresource resourcetype [resource options]
For example, the following command adds a global file system resource to the cluster configuration file on The name of the resource is web_fs, the file system device is /dev/sdd2, the file system mountpoint is /var/www, and the file system type is ext3.
ccs -h --addresource fs name=web_fs device=/dev/sdd2 mountpoint=/var/www fstype=ext3
For information about the available resource types and resource options, see Appendix B, HA Resource Parameters.
To remove a global resource, execute the following command:
ccs -h host --rmresource resourcetype [resource options]
If you need to modify the parameters of an existing global resource, you can remove the resource and configure it again.
Note that when you have finished configuring all of the components of your cluster, you will need to sync the cluster configuration file to all of the nodes, as described in Section 6.15, “Propagating the Configuration File to the Cluster Nodes”.