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12.6. Starting CTDB and Samba Services

After starting up the cluster, you must mount the GFS2 file systems that you created, as described in Section 12.3, “GFS2 Configuration”. The permissions on the Samba share directory and user accounts on the cluster nodes should be set up for client access.
Execute the following command on all of the nodes to start up the ctdbd daemon. Since this example configured CTDB with CTDB_MANAGES_SAMBA=yes, CTDB will also start up the Samba service on all nodes and export all configured Samba shares.
[root@clusmb-01 ~]# service ctdb start
It can take a couple of minutes for CTDB to start Samba, export the shares, and stabilize. Executing ctdb status shows the status of CTDB, as in the following example:
[root@clusmb-01 ~]# ctdb status
Number of nodes:3
pnn:0     OK (THIS NODE)
pnn:1     OK
pnn:2     OK
hash:0 lmaster:0
hash:1 lmaster:1
hash:2 lmaster:2
Recovery mode:NORMAL (0)
Recovery master:0
When you see that all nodes are "OK", it is safe to move on to use the clustered Samba server, as described in Section 12.7, “Using the Clustered Samba Server”.