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8.7. Configuring Debug Options

You can enable debugging for all daemons in a cluster, or you can enable logging for specific cluster processing.
To enable debugging for all daemons, add the following to the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf. By default, logging is directed to the /var/log/cluster/daemon.log file.

<cluster config_version="7" name="rh6cluster">    
  <logging debug="on"/>
To enable debugging for individual cluster processes, add the following lines to the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file. Per-daemon logging configuration overrides the global settings.

<cluster config_version="7" name="rh6cluster">
       <!-- turning on per-subsystem debug logging --> 
       <logging_daemon name="corosync" debug="on" />  
       <logging_daemon name="fenced" debug="on" /> 
       <logging_daemon name="qdiskd" debug="on" /> 
       <logging_daemon name="rgmanager" debug="on" />   
       <logging_daemon name="dlm_controld" debug="on" /> 
       <logging_daemon name="gfs_controld" debug="on" />
For a list of the logging daemons for which you can enable logging as well as the additional logging options you can configure for both global and per-daemon logging, see the cluster.conf(5) man page.