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10.6. Cluster Service Will Not Start

If a cluster-controlled service will not start, check for the following conditions.
  • There may be a syntax error in the service configuration in the cluster.conf file. You can use the rg_test command to validate the syntax in your configuration. If there are any configuration or syntax faults, the rg_test will inform you what the problem is.
    $ rg_test test /etc/cluster/cluster.conf start service servicename 
    For more information on the rg_test command, see Section C.5, “Debugging and Testing Services and Resource Ordering”.
    If the configuration is valid, then increase the resource group manager's logging and then read the messages logs to determine what is causing the service start to fail. You can increase the log level by adding the loglevel="7" parameter to the rm tag in the cluster.conf file. You will then get increased verbosity in your messages logs with regards to starting, stopping, and migrating clustered services.