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4.5.4. Configuring Redundant Ring Protocol

As of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, the Red Hat High Availability Add-On supports the configuration of redundant ring protocol. When using redundant ring protocol, there are a variety of considerations you must take into account, as described in Section 8.6, “Configuring Redundant Ring Protocol”.
Clicking on the Redundant Ring tab displays the Redundant Ring Protocol Configuration page. This page displays all of the nodes that are currently configured for the cluster. If you are configuring a system to use redundant ring protocol, you must specify the Alternate Name for each node for the second ring.
The Redundant Ring Protocol Configuration page optionally allows you to specify the Alternate Ring Multicast Address, the Alternate Ring CMAN Port, and the Alternate Ring Multicast Packet TTL for the second ring.
If you specify a multicast address for the second ring, either the alternate multicast address or the alternate port must be different from the multicast address for the first ring. If you specify an alternate port, the port numbers of the first ring and the second ring must differ by at least two, since the system itself uses port and port-1 to perform operations. If you do not specify an alternate multicast address, the system will automatically use a different multicast address for the second ring.