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3.13. Considerations for ricci

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, ricci replaces ccsd. Therefore, it is necessary that ricci is running in each cluster node to be able to propagate updated cluster configuration whether it is by means of the cman_tool version -r command, the ccs command, or the luci user interface server. You can start ricci by using service ricci start or by enabling it to start at boot time by means of chkconfig. For information on enabling IP ports for ricci, see Section 3.3.1, “Enabling IP Ports on Cluster Nodes”.
For the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 release and later, using ricci requires a password the first time you propagate updated cluster configuration from any particular node. You set the ricci password as root after you install ricci on your system. To set this password, execute the passwd ricci command, for user ricci.