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4.7.2. Configuring a Backup Fence Device

You can define multiple fencing methods for a node. If fencing fails using the first method, the system will attempt to fence the node using the second method, followed by any additional methods you have configured.
Use the following procedure to configure a backup fence device for a node.
  1. Use the procedure provided in Section 4.7.1, “Configuring a Single Fence Device for a Node” to configure the primary fencing method for a node.
  2. Beneath the display of the primary method you defined, click Add Fence Method.
  3. Enter a name for the backup fencing method that you are configuring for this node and click Submit. This displays the node-specific screen that now displays the method you have just added, below the primary fence method.
  4. Configure a fence instance for this method by clicking Add Fence Instance. This displays a drop-down menu from which you can select a fence device you have previously configured, as described in Section 4.6.1, “Creating a Fence Device”.
  5. Select a fence device for this method. If this fence device requires that you configure node-specific parameters, the display shows the parameters to configure. For information on fencing parameters, see Appendix A, Fence Device Parameters.
  6. Click Submit. This returns you to the node-specific screen with the fence method and fence instance displayed.
You can continue to add fencing methods as needed. You can rearrange the order of fencing methods that will be used for this node by clicking on Move Up and Move Down.