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6.12. Virtual Machine Resources

Virtual machine resources are configured differently than other cluster resources. In particular, they are not grouped into service definitions. As of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 release, when you configure a virtual machine in a cluster with the ccs command you can use the --addvm (rather than the addservice option). This ensures that the vm resource is defined directly under the rm configuration node in the cluster configuration file.
A virtual machine resource requires at least a name and a path attribute. The name attribute should match the name of the libvirt domain and the path attribute should specify the directory where the shared virtual machine definitions are stored.


The path attribute in the cluster configuration file is a path specification or a directory name, not a path to an individual file.
If virtual machine definitions are stored on a shared directory named /mnt/vm_defs, the following command will define a virtual machine named guest1:
# ccs -h --addvm guest1 path=/mnt/vm_defs
Running this command adds the following line to the rm configuration node in the cluster.conf file:
<vm name="guest1" path="/mnt/vm_defs"/>