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6.2. Configuration Tasks

Configuring Red Hat High Availability Add-On software with the ccs consists of the following steps:
  1. Ensuring that ricci is running on all nodes in the cluster. Refer to Section 6.3, “Starting ricci.
  2. Configuring fence devices. Refer to Section 6.5, “Configuring Fence Devices”.
  3. Configuring fencing for cluster members. Refer to Section 6.7, “Configuring Fencing for Cluster Members”.
  4. Creating failover domains. Refer to Section 6.8, “Configuring a Failover Domain”.
  5. Configuring a quorum disk, if necessary. Refer to Section 6.13, “Configuring a Quorum Disk”.
  6. Configuring global cluster properties. Refer to Section 6.14, “Miscellaneous Cluster Configuration”.
  7. Propagating the cluster configuration file to all of the cluster nodes. Refer to Section 6.15, “Propagating the Configuration File to the Cluster Nodes”.