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3.3.2. Enabling the IP Port for luci

To allow client computers to communicate with a computer that runs luci (the Conga user interface server), you must enable the IP port assigned to luci. At each computer that runs luci, enable the IP port according to Table 3.2, “Enabled IP Port on a Computer That Runs luci.


If a cluster node is running luci, port 11111 should already have been enabled.

Table 3.2. Enabled IP Port on a Computer That Runs luci

IP Port NumberProtocolComponent
8084 TCP luci (Conga user interface server)
As of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 release, which enabled configuration by means of the /etc/sysconfig/luci file, you can specifically configure the only IP address luci is being served at. You can use this capability if your server infrastructure incorporates more than one network and you want to access luci from the internal network only. To do this, uncomment and edit the line in the file that specifies host. For example, to change the host setting in the file to, edit the host line as follows:
host =
For more information on the /etc/sysconfig/luci file, see Section 3.4, “Configuring luci with /etc/sysconfig/luci.