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10.7. Cluster-Controlled Services Fails to Migrate

If a cluster-controlled service fails to migrate to another node but the service will start on some specific node, check for the following conditions.
  • Ensure that the resources required to run a given service are present on all nodes in the cluster that may be required to run that service. For example, if your clustered service assumes a script file in a specific location or a file system mounted at a specific mount point then you must ensure that those resources are available in the expected places on all nodes in the cluster.
  • Ensure that failover domains, service dependency, and service exclusivity are not configured in such a way that you are unable to migrate services to nodes as you would expect.
  • If the service in question is a virtual machine resource, check the documentation to ensure that all of the correct configuration work has been completed.
  • Increase the resource group manager's logging, as described in Section 10.6, “Cluster Service Will Not Start”, and then read the messages logs to determine what is causing the service start to fail to migrate.