23.3. Hot Rod and Marshalling

In Remote Client-Server mode, marshalling occurs both on the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid server and the client levels, but to varying degrees.
  • All data stored by clients on the JBoss Data Grid server are provided either as a byte array, or in a primitive format that is marshalling compatible for JBoss Data Grid.
    On the server side of JBoss Data Grid, marshalling occurs where the data stored in primitive format are converted into byte array and replicated around the cluster or stored to a cache store. No marshalling configuration is required on the server side of JBoss Data Grid.
  • At the client level, marshalling must have a Marshaller configuration element specified in the RemoteCacheManager configuration in order to serialize and deserialize POJOs.
    Due to Hot Rod's binary nature, it relies on marshalling to transform POJOs, specifically keys or values, into byte array.