29.3. Callable and CDI

Where DistributedCallable cannot be implemented or is not appropriate, and a reference to input cache used in DistributedExecutorService is still required, there is an option to inject the input cache by CDI mechanism.
When the Callable task arrives at a Red Hat JBoss Data Grid executing node, JBoss Data Grid's CDI mechanism provides an appropriate cache reference, and injects it to the executing Callable.
To use the JBoss Data Grid CDI with Callable:
  1. Declare a Cache field in Callable and annotate it with org.infinispan.cdi.Input
  2. Include the mandatory @Inject annotation.

Example 29.2. Using Callable and the CDI

public class CallableWithInjectedCache implements Callable<Integer>, Serializable {
      private Cache<String, String> cache;
      public Integer call() throws Exception {
        //use injected cache reference
        return 1;