32.2. Installing Remote Tasks

Once a remote task has been created, and bundled into a .jar, it may be deployed to the server by using either of the following methods:

Procedure 32.1. Option 1: Using the Deployments Directory

  • Copy the deployment into the deployments/ directory of the JBoss Data Grid server as seen in the following example:
    $] cp /path/to/sample_task.jar $JDG_HOME/standalone/deployments/

Procedure 32.2. Option 2: Using the CLI

  1. Connect to the JDG server by running the below command:
    [$JDG_HOME] $ bin/cli.sh --connect --controller=$IP:$PORT
  2. Deploy the .jar file by executing the following command:
    deploy /path/to/sample_task.jar


    When JBoss Data Grid is used in domain mode the server groups must be specified using either the --all-server-groups or --server-groups parameters.