23.4. Configuring the Marshaller using the RemoteCacheManager

A Marshaller is specified using the marshaller configuration element in the RemoteCacheManager, the value of which must be the name of the class implementing the Marshaller interface. The default value for this property is org.infinispan.commons.marshall.jboss.GenericJBossMarshaller.
The following procedure describes how to define a Marshaller to use with RemoteCacheManager.

Procedure 23.1. Define a Marshaller

  1. Create a ConfigurationBuilder

    Create a ConfigurationBuilder and configure it with the required settings.
    ConfigurationBuilder builder = new ConfigurationBuilder();
    //... (other configuration)
  2. Add a Marshaller Class

    Add a Marshaller class specification within the Marshaller method.
    • Alternatively, specify a custom Marshaller instance.
      builder.marshaller(new GenericJBossMarshaller());
  3. Start the RemoteCacheManager

    Build the configuration containing the Marshaller, and start a new RemoteCacheManager with it.
    Configuration configuration = builder.build();
    RemoteCacheManager manager = new RemoteCacheManager(configuration);
At the client level, POJOs need to be either Serializable, Externalizable, or primitive types.


The Hot Rod Java client does not support providing Externalizer instances to serialize POJOs. This is only available for JBoss Data Grid Library mode.